Technology Written Martian Language Game ID: 289, T_WrittenMartianLanguage
Man-days 88 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Al icon loot martian artifact uw696Martian Artifact UW696
Al icon loot martian artifact rp771Martian Artifact RP771
Al icon loot martian artifact ne106Martian Artifact NE106
Icon tech martianElements of Martian Language
Al icon building supercomputerSupercomputer
Description We are just a few steps from discovering one of the greatest mysteries - the Martian language.
Result After huge efforts, our researchers have decoded the last details of this ancient civilization's language and sorted all data into categories for further study. The most appealing seems to be information concerning electro-magnetism and plasma. Knowledge of this would make the production of new more effective weapons possible. However, at this stage, we can only read and write. We have no idea how the language was used in everyday life among Martians.
Al icon building magnetronMagnetron Icon manday 3Al resource energy 5Al resource noble metal 2Al resource crystal 2 Icon tech planetologyOriginal Inhabitants of Mars (9)
Icon tech martianEM Principles (79)
Icon tech martianSpoken Martian Language (90)

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