Al icon pc ute heinemann Ute Heinemann, Female HumanGame ID: 1, Ute Heinemann
Character Name Ute Heinemann Nick Ute Class Soldier
Title When Stressed Concentration
Relationship Friends Al icon pc benat haradzeBenat Haradze, Al icon weapon walther p22 Walther P22
Families Al icon pc jürgen heinemannJürgen Heinemann, Al icon pc inge heinemannInge Heinemann
Starting Level Soldier 5 Training Al icon training minor reticulan anatomyMinor Reticulan Anatomy
Condition Al icon eventGame Start
Honorary Fame Ute's Butchery Dead Heinemann's Grave

History Edit

Ute Heinemann was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, later Chemnitz, in Central Europe. In 2000, she represented her country at the Olympic Games in the former United States. She was one of the fiercest warriors against the Reticulans in the war preceding the exile to Mars. Then, she fought together with Benat Haradze and this experience binds them to this day.

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