Game ID: 28, TerraformCompromise This event happens immediately after finished Icon tech planetologyTerraforming Acceptable by Martians research.

Since we couldn't get the Martians to break alliance with us even after Al icon eventMartians Protest , the effect of this event is currently unknown.

Plot Edit

The terraformation process will no longer harm the Martians.

Previous event: Al icon eventMartians Protest

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc fernando ramirez We managed to modify the genetic code of the plant seeds, so they produce gases suitable for both Martians and humans.
Al icon pc neil barker We changed the program of all the terraforming stations centrally, it is not necessary to visit each one separately.
Al icon pc mary osakwe We communicated this fact to the Martians and they appear to be willing to accept our peace offers under those circumstances.
Al icon npc martian (Video Report with a martian speaking)
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten It will be useful to renew our friendship - for us and for them too.

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