Game ID: BeastTerraform This event happens immediately after finished Icon tech beastmenBeastman Shaman Interrogation research.

Plot Edit

This event explains that mass breeding can now be researched and is one of the key terraformation technologies.

Related events: Al icon eventTerraform with Reticulan Technology, Al icon eventTerraform with Martian Technology

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc fernando ramirez Interrogating the beastmen's shaman brought us plenty of new interesting information. We have also learned much about the beastmen's knowledge of biology, enabling us to cultivate new species of plants. They should reproduce several times faster than our varieties and speed up the terraformation of Mars.
Al icon pc neil barker We can change the program of our terraformation stations so they start effortlessly spreading those plants. Should we do it now?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez It's not worth doing it right now. Modifying Mars' atmosphere on a large scale is useless with the current planetary magnetic field. In the past, it seemed impossible to change, but Martian technologies give us new hope.

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