Al icon building surgery Surgery Game ID: 403, Hospital
Building Type Interior Capacity - Can demolish? Yes
Size 2x2 blocks Man-hours 80 (3.25 man days) Can have multiple? No
Requirement Icon tech medicineAdvanced Medicine
Level 3Al resource energyEnergy4-7
Level 4Al resource chemicalChemical8-11
Level 1Al resource noble metalNoble Metal1
Enables Doubles Al icon building hospital wardHospital Ward's healing rate to 2.1% per hour.

The Surgery enhance Wards (instead of replacing them), and is necessary during middle to late game to keep the soldiers healthy.

The increased healing rate does not reduce the need of high Constitution and Al icon training minor toughnessMinor Toughness, because low health soldiers will be easily killed in combat.

Game Description Edit

Surgery speeds up our soldiers’ recovery, using up-to-date diagnostic equipment, surgery and rehabilitation facilities.
Surgery speeds up healing in hospital wards.

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