Al icon training minor suit handling Al icon training major suit handling Suit Handling, technician training
Human Reticulan Martian Robot
Minor Training 2 points {{{r1}}} points {{{m1}}} points {{{d1}}} points
Requires {{{req1}}}
Effect Spacesuit production man-days +71% (Time reduced to 58%), and enables using Al icon ammo suit repair setSuit Repair Set
Major Training 2 points {{{r2}}} points {{{m2}}} points {{{d2}}} points
Requires Icon tech planetologyHeavy Duty Suit
Effect Spacesuit production man-days +141% (Total +212%, time reduced to 32%)
Internal ID Game ID: 55, SuitManipulationMinor {{{r1_id}}} {{{m1_id}}} {{{d1_id}}}
Game ID: 56, SuitManipulationMajor {{{r2_id}}} {{{m2_id}}} {{{d2_id}}}

Game Descriptions Edit


This training increases a character's contribution to the production of spacesuits and enables him or her to repair spacesuits during combat.


This training further increases a character's contribution to the production of spacesuits.

Notes Edit

Most multiclass soldier/technician should learn minor suit handling, simply to repair damaged spacesuits.

And, given the high production man days for Al icon suit advanced battle suit Advanced Battle Suit and Al icon suit computerised heavy suit Computerised Heavy Suit, it is advisable to have a full team of major suit handling - often the same soldier/technicians. Even if you only produce 7 computerised suits, it still worth 4 major trainings. Most likely you will need more suits.

This training also improves the production speed of robot turrets. But this training does not apply to suit add-ons. Nothing does.

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