Stations can be on territories to provide different functions, and are either scientific or technical.

It is impossible to order a station demolished, but all stations in a territory would be lost when the territory is lost to enemy hands or the sea.

The science and technical teams work separately, but you cannot further split each team, since there is not enough vehicles. If you add more people to the bays after the vehicle has launched, they will just sit there waiting for the craft to return.

You claim a territory by building a Geological Probe on it. You must own a territory before you can build other stations. Some territory resources, such as potential excavation site, will only be know after you have claimed a territory.

Experience is handed out to each team member after a station has been built, determined by the time spent on building it, around 11.7 exp per hour. The building process does not yield experience.

When a building process is interrupted, for example when attacked or when order is changed, the progress is lost. Next time the same station is built, it would be a new start.

Scientific Stations Edit

These stations are build by scientists in the Scientific Bay using Scientific Craft.

Station Requirement Time
Geological Probe - 2.5
Excavation Site - 3
Terraforming Station Icon tech planetologyTerraformation 4
Advanced Terraforming Station Icon tech planetologyAccelerated Terraformation 6

Technical Stations Edit

These stations are build by technicians in the Technical Bay using Technical Truck.

Mines build over minor resources (grey blue icons) produce one unit of that resource. Mines build over major resources (gold icons) produce two units of that resource. Advanced mines have double outputs.

Station Requirement Time
Metal Mine - 2.5
Advanced Metal Mine Icon tech planetologyAdvanced Mining 4
Fuel Mine - 2.5
Advanced Fuel Mine Icon tech planetologyAdvanced Mining 4
Chemical Mine - 2.5
Advanced Chemical Mine Icon tech planetologyAdvanced Mining 4
Crystal Mine Icon tech reticulanCrystal Mining 4
Advanced Crystal Mine Icon tech planetologyAdvanced Mining 6
Noble Metal Mine Icon tech planetologyNoble Metal Mining 4
Advanced Noble Metal Mine Icon tech planetologyAdvanced Mining 6
Radar Base Icon tech earthRadar 4
Rocket Base Icon tech earthLong-Range Rockets 6

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