Al icon building shooting range Shooting Range Game ID: 406, Range
Building Type Interior Capacity - Can demolish? Yes
Size 1 block Man-hours 60 (2.43 man days) Can have multiple? No
Requirement Icon tech earthFirearms
Level 2Al resource metalMetal2-3
Icon tech reticulanLaser Weapons
Icon tech reticulanRocket-Based Weapons
Icon tech earthAdvanced Firearms
Icon tech earthGatling Technology
Icon tech martianPlasma Weapons Handling
Icon tech martianAnnihilator
Icon tech earthComputer Aiming Support
Icon tech martianCombat Methods against Martians
Icon tech martianEM Weapons Handling

Game Description Edit

This lab add-on enables firearms and similar weapons to be tested.
The shooting range enables research into some technologies (see their prerequisites).

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