Game ID: EarthVictory This event happens 1000 hours after game start (24 days 8 hours 24 min), at around 53-06-05 20:00, and after finished Icon tech planetologyMoon Data Analysis research.

Plot Edit

The Laputians has won and (after learning about Mar's moons) is sending a second reinforcement spaceship to Mars.

Previous events: Al icon eventFirst Spaceship Arrival , Al icon eventMoon Data
Next event: Al icon eventSecond Spaceship Arrival

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc mary osakwe This is really important and encouraging news.
Al icon npc laputa Finally, we managed to break the resistance of our human and alien enemies. Now we can afford to send the spaceship with more reinforcements to Mars.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten Good news indeed. With the help of Earthlings we should easily beat the Beastmen throughout Mars. Only their main fortress seems to remain impregnable.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez Earth's scientists have created a virus that damages the Beastmen's amazing ability to adapt, which will destroy most of them. It is completely harmless to people, so we can spread it freely in the Mars atmosphere. It will even find its way into their base.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten I understand. Then we will only have to send commandos to occupy their base. It will be simple to clear the surviving remnants from Mars. How long will it take before the spaceship arrives?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez It depends on the actual position of Earth and Mars. I will give you precise figures as soon as we finish all the calculations.

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