Game ID: SpaceshipArrival This event happens 572 hours (23 days 6 hours 40 min) after Al icon eventSecond Spaceship Launched .

Despite how the story was written, no new staff will join the team from this event, ever.

Plot Edit

The second spaceship from Earth has arrived.

Previous event: Al icon eventSecond Spaceship Launched

Dialogs Edit

Al icon pc neil barker Another spaceship from the Earth has arrived, this time there is even human crew.
Al icon pc mary osakwe I also bring a message from our home planet.
Al icon npc laputa The main goal is to enable the safe return to Earth, for all who wish that, both the veterans of yours struggle and the people awakened from cryogenic sleep. Only the soldiers who came on the spaceship will need some time to adapt to the Mars environment.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten If I understand correctly, we have to keep on fighting Beastmen alone for a bit longer, am I correct?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez But it will be much easier now. We can start spreading the virus in the atmosphere today, and it should kill most of the Beastmen within one week.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten Very well. Then we must occupy their fortress as soon as possible, before those shamans discover some antidote.

This event will also disable the Request Reinforcement button in diplomacy screen.

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