Al icon pc rita lawrence Rita Lawrence, Female HumanGame ID: 25 / 24, Rita2 / Rita Lawrence
Character Name Rita Lawrence Nick Rita Class Soldier / Technician
Soldier / Scientist
Title When Stressed Anger
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc gene lawrenceGene Lawrence
Starting Level Soldier 2 / Technician 2
Soldier 2 / Scientist 2
Training -
Condition 53-06-26 14:45, or
Within a day after first multiclass soldier death
Honorary Fame Dollhouse Dead Rita's Playground Facility Rita's facility
Lawrence powerplant
Technology Lawrence Principle Weapon Lawrence rifle
Lawrence grenade
Ammo Lawrence battery

The class of Rita is determined by what caused her to join the team. If a soldier/scientist died, she will join as a soldier/scientist. In other cases, she will join as a soldier/technician.

It is possible to get Rita early by losing Al icon pc oghieOghie or Al icon pc preggiePreggie. But it is not advisable, because she is more valuable as a technician.

In theory, losing Al icon pc oliveOlive or Al icon pc spruceSpruce would also cause her to joins, but in practice it is impossible because she naturally appears almost right after the Martians.

History Edit

Rita is in her rebel teenage phase. In an ideal world, she would be educated for a few more years, but the casualties force us to recruit even people of her age. Her mother - Gene - is not happy about this and if she could, she would participate in every mission together with her daughter in order to protect her, though Rita feels embarrassed at this.

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