Technology Reticulan Technologies Game ID: 329, T_ReticulanTechnologies1
Man-days 16 Category Icon tech reticulan Reticulan
Requirements Ally with Al faction reticulansReticulans or Al faction expeditionExpedition
Al icon eventReticulan Archive
Description We need to sort through the content of the Reticulan database to learn what we can use from their experience.
Result Reticulan technologies are far more advanced than ours. They have an extensive knowledge, mostly concerning both the production and use of energy. The archives contain a lot of data about our UFO and the methods of mining new resources that might shortly be needed - crystals and noble metals. Once we apply everything we have learned from the Reticulans, we'll gain a decisive advantage over our enemies.
Al icon training major reticulan technologyMajor Reticulan Technology (2) Icon tech reticulanAdvanced Reticulan Technology (20)
Icon tech reticulanRocket-Based Weapons (24)
Icon tech reticulanCrystal Mining (24)
Icon tech planetologyNoble Metal Mining (24)
Icon tech reticulanLaser Weapons (30)
Icon tech earthImproved Vehicle Engine (31)
Icon tech reticulanFaster UFO Engine (47)
Icon tech planetologyDomes (48)

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