Technology Reticulan Soldier Interrogation Game ID: 263, T_ReticulanRebelSoldierInterrogation
Man-days 18 Category Icon tech interrogation Interrogation
Requirements Rebel Soldier Captive
Icon tech autopsyReticulan Autopsy
Al icon building alien interrogationAlien Interrogation
Description Reticulan soldiers could give us important information about Reticulan weapon technologies.
Result The thing that makes Reticulans such a dangerous opponent is their psionic weapons. For more detailed research, we must first get hold of some, but it seems that even then our soldiers may not be able to use them. Only the Reticulan race retains psionic abilities, and these seem to become weaker, at least in comparison with what we know from the war at the Earth.
Enables Icon tech reticulanPsi Weapons (35)

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