Technology Reticulan Energy Sources Game ID: 270, T_ReticulanEnergySources
Man-days 70 Category Icon tech reticulan Reticulan
Requirements Icon tech reticulanLaser Weapons
Icon tech reticulanAdvanced Reticulan Technology
Description It would be useful to discover the secret of how the Reticulans obtain such a huge amount of energy
Result Reticulans use a similar principle to thermonuclear fusion to produce energy, even in small energy sources like batteries. Effective and miniaturized sources of energy enable further research in the areas of terraformation, combat and many others.
Al icon ammo advanced batteryAdvanced Battery Icon manday 2Al resource energy 5Al resource noble metal 3 Icon tech reticulanPower Lasers (45)
Icon tech reticulanReticulan Fusion Reactor (72)
Icon tech reticulanHumidity Condensation (124)
Icon tech reticulanForce Field (135)

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