Technology Reticulan Commander Interrogation Game ID: 264, T_ReticulanRebelCommanderInterrogation
Man-days 18 Category Icon tech interrogation Interrogation
Requirements Rebel Commander Captive
Icon tech autopsyReticulan Autopsy
Al icon building alien interrogationAlien Interrogation
Description If we can get answers to our questions about Reticulan civilization, a lot of new information may be revealed.
Result The information we have received from the interrogation completely changes our ideas about Reticulans. The group that attacked Earth acted on its own and they were going completely against their ruler’s orders. Their goal was to make Earth a home for some giant interstellar organism. They were successful and it was their doom. When the organism was safely established, a few months after our arrival on Mars, it sent a strong psionic signal, kind of loud cry, and it killed or debilitated most of the Reticulans. That is why they are such weak and dull opponents.
Enables Icon tech reticulanPsionic Healing (26)

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