Game ID: ReticulanInfoWar This event happens immediately after human conquer the Al faction reticulansReticulans main base or Al faction expeditionExpedition main base.

This event happens only once, and will allow research of Icon tech reticulanReticulan Technologies (if didn't gain it through alliance) and Icon tech reticulanAdvanced Reticulan Technology.

This is the only way to gain Advanced Reticulan Technology. Thus, in order to win the game, a reticulan main base must be raided.

Plot Edit

This event reports that raiding the main base resulted in acquisition of scientific data, enabling new researches, possibly filling in gaps of knowledge mentioned in Al icon eventReticulan Treason.

Previous event: Al icon eventExpedition Peace Proposal

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc willhelm schrooten On searching the Reticulan base our soldiers found some computers and brought them here. Will they be useful to us?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez They certainly will. They contain a lot of data about Reticulan technologies.
Al icon pc jacqueline wells So we can now start producing all those Reticulan weapons?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez Please don't be impatient. First, we must analyze the content of the database, and then start our application research.

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