Technology Psi Weapons Game ID: 266, T_PsiWeapons
Man-days 35 Category Icon tech reticulan Reticulan
Al icon weapon psionic weapon Psionic Weapon Icon tech interrogationReticulan Soldier Interrogation
Icon tech interrogationExpedition Soldier Interrogation
Description The most dangerous Reticulan weapons take effect directly in their victim’s brain.
Result Psionic weapons are Reticulan embryos that work together with the weapon's user, strengthening and directing his psionic abilities. The Reticulan user will decide if he wants to hurt, to stun or to just confuse the victim. The stronger psionic abilities the Reticulan has, the harder it is to resist the effect of the weapon. On the other hand, soldiers with strong willpower have a better chance of protecting themselves.
Enables Icon tech reticulanPsionic Healing (26)
Icon tech reticulanPsi Absorber (90)

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