Technology Plasma Weapons Handling Game ID: 298, T_PlasmaWeaponsHandling
Man-days 62 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Al icon weapon martian plasma cannon Martian Plasma Cannon Icon tech interrogationMartian Soldier Interrogation
Al icon building shooting rangeShooting Range
Al icon building magnetronMagnetron
Description Plasma cannons are the most dangerous weapons Martians and their robots wield in combat. It would be great if our troops could use them.
Result Plasma cannons work in two modes. They can either produce a big ball of plasma, which is sent to hit one specific target, or they create a cone of hot plasma, which sweeps over everyone in its way. The cannons are constructed to be used by Martians, so human soldiers may have slight problems in operating them.
Al icon training minor plasma equipmentMinor Plasma Equipment (1)
Al icon training major plasma equipmentMajor Plasma Equipment (2)
Icon tech martianAnnihilator (90)
Icon tech martianLightning Balls (90)

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