Al icon pc pauline lasalle Pauline Lasalle, Female HumanGame ID: 9, Pauline Lasalle
Character Name Pauline Lasalle Nick Pauline Class Soldier / Technician
Title When Stressed Concentration
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc claude lasalleClaude Lasalle, Al icon pc pierre lasallePierre Lasalle
Starting Level Soldier 2 / Technician 2 Training -
Condition Al icon eventGame Start
Honorary Fame Rue de Lasalle Dead Lasalle Mourning Facility Lasalle's facility

History Edit

Though middle aged, Pauline Lasalle is still a very attractive woman. She is an expert at repairs, which makes her the ideal candidate to accompany soldiers on combat missions when need arises. In private, she is a very strict mother to her twins: Claude and Pierre.

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