Technology Original Inhabitants of Mars Game ID: 273, T_MarsNatives
Man-days 9 Category Icon tech planetology Planetology
Requirements Icon tech planetologyAncient Martian Civilization
Icon tech interrogationBeastman Matriarch Interrogation
Icon tech martianWritten Martian Language
Description Some of the knowledge we have gained about Mars’ history contradicts itself. We should learn where the truth lies.
Result Our discoveries completely change our idea about the history of Mars. Not Martians, but Beastmen are the planet’s original inhabitants. The Martians arrived with the Myrmecols, won the following war against their enemies from the second Myrmecols and Beastmen too. Instead of destroying the Beastmen, they sent them to a distant planet via hyperspace gates. The Beastmen waited there patiently preparing themselves for their return and for wresting Mars from the hands of the intruders.
Enables -

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