Game ID: OriginalCivilization This event happens immediately after research of Icon tech planetologyOriginal Inhabitants of Mars.

This event is pure background story, a conclusion to the story of Mars, and does not offer any new options or new endings.

Plot Edit

After extensive research and interrogation, Beastmen has been revealed to be the original inhabitants of Mars and suffered a similar fate with the humans.

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc fernando ramirez We cross-referenced data obtained from the interrogation of the Beastmen's matriarch with other information, for example the Phobos survey. The results have completely changed our view of Mars' history.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten Can you tell us more? Does it have any material influence on our current situation?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez It seems very likely that the original inhabitants of Mars were not Martians, but Beastmen. Another indication to support this conclusion is the extreme adaptability of the Beastmen to Mars' climate. Martians probably came to Mars with one of the Myrmecols that later became the planetary moons.
Al icon pc mary osakwe Myrmecol is the being that caused the disaster on the Earth?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez Exactly. The Myrmecol female settled on Mars several thousand years ago, covered the planet with biomass, just as Reticulans did with the Earth, and then called for the males. Each of them brought one warrior civilization. The race we call Martians won the battle, and their Myrmecol male mated with the present female.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten And where do Beastmen come from?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez Beastmen originated on Mars and inhabited the planet before these events. The Martians were much stronger and they easily beat them; but the Beastmen were not eradicated, instead the Martians built the hyperspace gates and sent them to another planet. The Beastmen lived there throughout those ages and prepared to return, strong enough to win this time.
Al icon pc mary osakwe In this case, do we have a moral right to stay on Mars?

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