Al icon suit open suit Open Suit, Human Light Suit Game ID: 4, HumanLightOpenArmour
Suit Addon 2 Weight 5 kg
Bag 8x6
Technology Icon tech planetologyLight Open Armor Factory - Resource Level 1Al resource chemicalChemical1
Production 1.5 Assembly 0.75

Self Repair Speed 1 Environment Hostility Resistance 1
Al slot open suit

Projectile 50%
Fire 50%
Melee 30%
EM 90%
Psionic 0%
Explosion 30%
Laser 50%

Open Suit is the lightest suit and quickest to produce. If offers lot of equipment space, but only mediocre protection comparing with other ultimate spacesuits. It has the best EM protection, though.

Game Description Edit

This suit is perfect for terraformed Mars. It offers no protection against the environment, but very reasonable protection against alien weapons and it does not hinder your movement at all.

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