Al icon pc olga zamyatina Olga Zamyatina, Female HumanGame ID: 23 / 29, Olga Zamyatina / Olga2
Character Name Olga Zamyatina Nick Olga Class Soldier
Title When Stressed Concentration
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc harald zamyatinHarald Zamyatin
Starting Level Soldier 5 or 2 Training Al icon training fast learningFast Learning
StrengthAverage or Weak
AgilityAverage or Weak
WillpowerAverage or Weak
Condition Harald dies (Start at level 2 and without training), or
Al icon eventHarald Retires (Start at level 5 and with training)
Honorary Fame Olga's Joy Dead Beauty's Grave

The level and training of Olga is determined by what caused her to join the team. If her father retires, she will join as a level 5 soldier with higher attributes and with a special training. Otherwise, she will join as a level 2 soldier with lower attributes and without the training.

Generally, it is advisable to have Harald retires as soon as possible; in addition to closing all gates, Olga will gain experience and training at double speed, easily outgrowing other soldiers.

History Edit

If Harald retired:

Olga Zamyatina is a beautiful young lady, with looks very similar to her deceased mother. On the other hand, she has determination and a military talent inherited from her father, Harald. Now he has decided to retire, she will take his place and because she learns really fast, she might even quickly become a better warrior than him.

If Harald died in battle:

Olga Zamyatina is a beautiful young lady, with looks very similar to her deceased mother. She was hit hard by the death of her father. She reluctantly decided to take his place as one of the colony soldiers, but her lack of experience makes her very vulnerable in combat missions.

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