Al icon pc oghie Oghla'k'nkmant, ReticulanGame ID: 30, Oghla'k'nkmant
Character Name Oghla'k'nkmant Nick Oghie Class Soldier / Scientist
Title When Stressed Depression
Relationship Friends Al icon pc tabbieTabbie
Families -
Starting Level Soldier 1 / Scientist 1 Training -
Psi PotencyWeak
Mental PotencyAverage
Condition Within a day after allying with Al faction reticulansReticulans
Honorary Fame Reticulan Glory Dead Oghie's Mound

Oghie comes with an alliance and when the alliance breaks, it will leave as soon as possible. However if it is riding in the Scientific Craft, for example, it has to stay and help until the vehicle returns to base.

This also applies to Expedition scientists, but a lot less players break alliance with them, for various reasons.

History Edit

Oghie may help our scientists to learn about the secrets of Reticulan technology.

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