Game ID: ReturnFromSecondMoon This event happens immediately after research of Icon tech planetologyMoon Data Analysis.

This meeting reveals the location of all Hyperspace Gates and enables the ⚔ Principal Key Gate mission.

Plot Edit

The moon data has been analyzed, and an important weak point in the Hyperspace Gate system has been found.

Previous event: Al icon eventReturn From Moon
Next events: Al icon eventSecond Spaceship Launched, Al icon eventHarald Retires

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc fernando ramirez We made a detailed analysis of the two different moon exploration journeys. The complete report is available to look at, but I would like to stress one important military finding.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten Did we find some secret weapon there against the Beastmen?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez Not exactly. But we checked Mars pictures taken from orbit and identified the main Beastmen fortress.
Al event moon data (Video Report from space orbit, zooming in to show beastmen fortress and a hyperspace gate next to it)
Al icon pc mary osakwe Are we strong enough to destroy or occupy it?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez Not at this moment; but there is a building just outside the fortress. There is a device inside it that we call "the principal key". It is like a system that activates individual gates, but this one controls the gates all around the planet.
Al icon pc jacqueline wells Does this mean that if we destroy it, we stop the Beastmen from flooding onto Mars?
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten It will be a really hard mission, but we must at least try! We must use the element of surprise, the result is worth the risk of some casualties.

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