Technology Matriarch Autopsy Game ID: 343, T_MatriarchAutopsy
Man-days 40 Category Icon tech autopsy Autopsy
Al icon loot beastman matriarch corpseBeastman Matriarch Corpse Al icon building pathology departmentPathology Department
Description The Beastmen's rulers are our most impressive opponents. We can learn a bit more about them by studying their dead bodies.
Result Although we call them matriarchs, it cannot be said that these creatures are female. They were biologically modified to be the perfect chiefs - strong, skilful and cunning. If the normal Beastmen soldiers are a very dangerous enemy, this is twice as true of the Beastmen's matriarchs. She is very agile, dodging most of the attacks. When hit, she is not easily hurt, with the exception of laser damage and probably psionic attacks.
Enables Icon tech interrogationBeastman Matriarch Interrogation (44)

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