Game ID: MartiansProtest This event happens after Al icon eventMartians Peace Proposal and terraformation progress level is at or above 63.5%, and enables research of Icon tech planetologyTerraforming Acceptable by Martians.

But the Martians will never redeclare war even if the terraform progress reaches 100%. ⚔ Martian Rescue missions would still be available. (This is tested with alliance and under normal difficulty; other cases need to be tested.)

At highest difficulty, they do declare war (the diplomacy status change to War).

Plot Edit

The Martian complains that the human terraformation is going to kill them, but the human cannot stop.

Previous event: Al icon eventMartians Peace Proposal
Next event: Al icon eventTerraform with Compromise

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc mary osakwe We have received an urgent message from the Martians. They insist that we must stop the terraformation of Mars immediately, because by doing so we make the planet uninhabitable for them.
Al icon npc martian (Video Report with a martian speaking)
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten Are they right? Is there something we can do about that?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez I suppose the ratio of the gases we plan for the atmosphere may be unsuitable for their race.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten Okay, but still we cannot stop what we came to Mars to do - make it our new home.
Al icon pc fernando ramirez And the terraformation process is running right at this moment, it cannot be easily stopped.
Al icon pc mary osakwe In this case I am afraid we must make ourselves ready for the next war against Martians.

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