Game ID: 21, MartiansWar This event happens 1500 hours (60 days 21 hours) after game start, roughly 53-06-26 02:30.

If the humans control any of the appearing sites of Al faction martiansMartians , this event will happens. Otherwise, Al icon eventExpedition Arrives in Peace will happens.

Unclaimed lands will be claimed, and ⚔ Counter Martians Appearance missions will be created on human controlled territories. If left unattended, these territories will be claimed by the Martians after 56 hours, roughly 53-06-28 09:30.

Plot Edit

The Martians appears on Mars, conflicting with the humans.

Previous event: Al icon eventExpedition Peace Proposal
Next event: Al icon eventMartians Peace Proposal

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc willhelm schrooten Some other kinds of beasts appeared suddenly on our territory! Where did they come from?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez We compared new data with the information from the Martian archives, and everything indicates that they are original inhabitants of Mars.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten They should be extinct, shouldn't they?
Al icon pc fernando ramirez It seems they used their technologies to place themselves into a similar state of sleep to our people are in the Mausoleum... err, I meant the Cryogenic Monument. Setting off the automatic defense system started the awakening process.
Al icon pc mary osakwe We should try to contact them and talk about peace.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten I agree, but until then, we have to fight another enemy.

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