Technology Martian Mech Disassembly Game ID: 222, T_MechDisassembly
Man-days 33 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Requirements Al icon loot martian mech wreckMartian Mech Wreck
Description Our soldiers brought the body of a Martian giant mech back from a mission. We should study its construction.
Result The mechs - great robots walking on two legs - are one of the most dangerous Martian automatons. Their bulk and heavy armor enable them to withstand extensive damage and they are equipped with more dangerous weapons than the other Martian drones. On the other hand, they are slow and vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses and laser. Like most of the robots, the mech cannot detect enemies behind it, because he can see only things in front of itself.
Enables Icon tech martianMartian Drones' Control (99)

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