Game ID: MartianRobots This event happens immediately after finished Icon tech martianMartian Drones research.

This event immediately enlist all current and future Al icon loot martian levitating drone wreckMartian Levitating Drone Wreck and Al icon loot martian crawling drone wreckMartian Crawling Drone Wreck to join the team as Al icon pc levitating droneLevitating Drone and Al icon pc crawling droneCrawling Drone.

Plot Edit

This event describes that the new martian drone team members can be equipped, deployed, and repaired like human robots.

Dialog Edit

Al icon pc fernando ramirez We have learned something about the Martian drones’ functionality. We consulted with technicians on everything and we can use the Martian drones in combat from now on.
Al icon pc jacqueline wells The chassis and turret of the partially functional robots that we found, can be merged together and equipped with our weapon systems.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten So, in battle, can we use those drones in the same way as we use ours? What if they get damaged, can we repair them?
Al icon pc jacqueline wells No problem. The technicians have tools to repair minor damage during battle. There are special sets of spare parts at the base to repair more extensive damage.

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