Technology Martian Drones' Control Game ID: 220, T_MartianDronesRemoteControl
Man-days 99 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Requirements Icon tech martianMartian Drones
Icon tech martianMartian Mech Disassembly
Description We could try to create a device enabling us to take control of the Martian drones.
Result The Martian drones' electronic system can be accessed and controlled with a control device. If our technician successfully completes this operation, it allows him to take command of the robot, effectively making it a part of our squad. Technicians need Automation training to be able to perform this, but the major version of training will enable them to control drones remotely.
Al icon device robot control Robot Control Icon manday 6Al symbol building drone assemblyAl resource metal 1Al resource crystal 1 Al icon training major drivingMajor Driving (2)
Al icon training major automationMajor Automation (3)

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