Technology Martian Autopsy Game ID: 292, T_MartianAutopsy
Man-days 25 Category Icon tech autopsy Autopsy
Al icon loot martian corpseMartian Corpse Al icon building pathology departmentPathology Department
Description By dissecting a Martian's body, we may learn a lot about their anatomy and physiology and use this data in combat.
Result Martians' bodies are very different from all other races we know. They are more plants than animals. Their metabolism is much slower, but they can still move relatively quickly, although they cannot dodge as readily as we can, for example. Because of their structure, projectiles do not injure them too much. The edged weapons are very injuring to Martians as well as fire damage. When concentrating, they can change the flow of the light rays around them, effectively making themselves invisible.
Al icon training minor martian anatomyMinor Martian Anatomy (2)
Al icon training major martian anatomyMajor Martian Anatomy (2)
Icon tech interrogationMartian Soldier Interrogation (25)
Icon tech martianCombat Methods against Martians (33)

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