Technology Martian Archives Game ID: 287, T_MartianArchives
Man-days 45 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Requirements Any one of Al icon loot martian artifact ne106Martian Artifact NE106, Al icon loot martian artifact rp771Martian Artifact RP771, or Al icon loot martian artifact uw696Martian Artifact UW696
Description The archives of this ancient civilization are a huge source of potential knowledge. We should learn more about them.
Result The Martian archives probably hold all data about science, history and the life of this lost civilization. We could find treasures there that would give us a decisive advantage over our enemies. At first, however, we must learn the Martian's language . We may be able to decode the files with exact scientific data and discover the basic language structures in that way. Any information that would give us clues would be priceless. That's why we should collect as many Martian artifacts from the excavation sites as we can.
Icon tech martianElements of Martian Language
Al icon addon electromagnetic visionElectromagnetic Vision
Al icon training minor martian technologyMinor Martian Technology
Al icon training major martian technologyMajor Martian Technology

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