Al icon building mars simulation Mars Simulation Game ID: 439, MarsSimulation
mars simulation
Building Type Interior Capacity - Can demolish? Yes
Size 1 block Man-hours 60 (2.43 man days) Can have multiple? No
Requirement Icon tech earthSurvival Methods
Level 1Al resource energyEnergy1
Icon tech planetologyTransport Suit
Icon tech earthLight Armor
Icon tech planetologyHeavy Duty Suit
Icon tech planetologyHeavy Armored Suit
Icon tech planetologyAdvanced Medium Armor
Icon tech earthHigh Technology Heavy Suit
Icon tech medicineAutomatic Life Support
Icon tech beastmenSuper-Plastic Components
Icon tech martianPlanetary Magnetic Field

Game Description Edit

This lab add-on is necessary to test the safety, durability and air-tightness of spacesuits.
An open mars surface simulation enables some technologies to be researched (see their prerequisites).

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