Al icon suit life-support suit Life-Support Suit, Human Heavy Suit Game ID: 9, HumanHeavyLifesupportArmour
Suit Addon 1 Weight 20 kg
Bag 4x4
Technology Icon tech medicineLifesupport Factory - Resource Level 4Al resource energyEnergy8-11
Level 4Al resource metalMetal8-11
Level 3Al resource chemicalChemical4-7
Level 2Al resource noble metalNoble Metal2-3
Production 7.5 Assembly 7.5

Self Repair Speed 1 Environment Hostility Resistance 9
Al slot life support suit

Projectile 55%
Fire 45%
Melee 70%
EM 40%
Psionic 10%
Explosion 60%
Laser 50%

Life-Support Suit is the heavy suit with lowest protection and capacity, but it really shines in its unmatched Environment Hostility Resistance. Life-Support Suit also has a nice effect of boosting received healing by 40%.

Game Description Edit

A soldier in lifesupport armor is connected to a device similar to the medikit. It allows him to enter even the most hostile areas and in combat, his lost stun HPs are automatically slowly restored and every healing returns more temporary HPs than usual. It has one slot for add-ons.
Only soldiers with Major suit wearing training can wear this armor. Heavy armors are more bulky and soldiers wearing them are not able to pass through some narrow passages.

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