Al icon weapon knife Knife, one handed melee weapon Game ID: 80, HumanKnife
Weapon Size 1x2 Weight 0.5 kg Deploy 0.1 s
Technology - Factory - Resource -
Production 0.75 Assembly 0.75
Skill level Pathetic Weak Average Good Outstand. Heroic Supernat. Divine
Melee Attack 1 Damage Melee Skill Physical
Time 1.1 s 1.0 s 0.9 s
Damage 28 30 32
Accuracy 41% 50% 59%
Throw Attack 1 Damage Melee Skill Physical
Time 0.9 s 0.8 s 0.8 s
Damage 57 60 64
Range 9 m 10 m 11 m
Accuracy 40% 50% 60%
Add-ons Visor -
Muzzle -
Unberbarrel -

The simplest melee and thrown weapon in the game, also easiest to produce.

Initial Edit

The game starts with 3 of this weapon.

Game Description Edit

Basic one-handed melee weapon.
Knives may be used either in close combat or thrown at the enemy.

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