Al icon pc jürgen heinemann Jürgen Heinemann, Male HumanGame ID: 26, Jürgen Heinemann
Character Name Jürgen Heinemann Nick Jürgen Class Soldier / Technician
Title When Stressed Depression
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc ute heinemannUte Heinemann, Al icon pc inge heinemannInge Heinemann
Starting Level Scientist 3 / Technician 3 Training -
Condition ⚔ Tutorial (dead)

Jürgen Heinemann's death started the ⚔ Tutorial mission, and then Al icon eventGame Start.

History Edit

Jürgen Heinemann died at the excavation site, when the Martian drones awakened. His sacrifice saved the lives of the other colonists and he will be always honored for this. In his life, he never talked much, always preferring direct action. Rest in peace, Jürgen.

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