Al icon pc inge heinemann Inge Heinemann, Female HumanGame ID: 14, Inge Heinemann
Voice Cast: Rebecca Ehrenpreis
Character Name Inge Heinemann Nick Inge Class Scientist
Title Human Resources Manager When Stressed
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc ute heinemannUte Heinemann, Al icon pc jürgen heinemannJürgen Heinemann
Starting Level Scientist 4 Training -
Condition Al icon eventGame Start
Honorary Facility Heinemann powerplant
Technology Heinemann Principle Weapon Heinemann rifle
Heinemann grenade
Ammo Heinemann battery

History Edit

Inge Heinemann is grand-daughter of Ute, and daughter of Jürgen Heinemann, who died heroically, when the Martian drones appeared for the first time. The death of her father deepened her introversion even further and it significantly complicates her work as human resources manager.

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