Al icon pc hikaru yoshimori Hikaru Yoshimori, Male HumanGame ID: 5, Hikaru Yoshimori
Character Name Hikaru Yoshimori Nick Hikaru Class Soldier / Scientist
Title When Stressed Concentration
Relationship Friends -
Families Al icon pc agnieszka yoshimoriAgnieszka Yoshimori, Al icon pc tadeusz yoshimoriTadeusz Yoshimori
Starting Level Soldier 2 / Scientist 2 Training Al icon training minor planetologyMinor Planetology
Condition Al icon eventGame Start
Honorary Fame Hikaru's Victory Dead Hikaru's Peace Facility Yoshimori powerplant
Technology Yoshimori Principle Weapon Yoshimori rifle
Yoshimori grenade
Ammo Yoshimori battery

History Edit

Hikaru Yoshimori is a silent and patient man originally from Japan. Nobody in the colony knows more about Mars - it is said that he can survive even without a spacesuit, but that is probably only a rumor. To ensure there are enough children in the colony, he married Agnieszka and they have a son - Tadeusz.

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