Game ID: HaraldRetires This event happens immediately after victory in Al icon eventPrimary Key Gate , but only if Al icon pc harald zamyatinHarald Zamyatin is alive.

This event will retires Harald and have his daughter Al icon pc olga zamyatinaOlga Zamyatina joins the team. Please note that Harald will immediately retires, even if he is (was) on the UFO.

Plot Edit

Harald declares that his fight is over and introduce Olga to the team as a successor.

Previous event: Al icon eventMoon Data

Dialogs Edit

Al icon pc harald zamyatin I have made my decision - my war is finished. I am staying at the base from now on. I will do what is to be done, train the others, but I am over with fighting.
Al icon pc willhelm schrooten If that is your final decision, we can do nothing but to accept it, Harald. But we'll certainly miss your experience.
Al icon pc olga zamyatina How do you do, Sir? I'm very pleased to meet you.
Al icon pc harald zamyatin My daughter Olga will take my place. I taught her myself, showed her the techniques of battle, how to kill our enemies. She's gifted and brave. She'll be better than I was, believe me.

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