Technology Gatling Technology Game ID: 228, T_Gatling
Man-days 95 Category Icon tech earth Earth
Icon tech earthAdvanced Firearms
Icon tech earthAdvanced Earth Technologies
Icon tech earthAdvanced Metallurgy
Al icon building shooting rangeShooting Range
Description Classic firearms do not deal enough damage to be dangerous to our most feared enemies. We need to construct something more deadly.
Result The gatling consists of several rifle barrels and is able to fire an incredible number of rounds over a very short time. Although its great weight and consumption of ammo makes it an awkward weapon, its effect is more than deadly. Note that you must have Advanced Foundry built before you can manufacture gatlings.
Enables Al icon weapon gatling Gatling Icon manday 9Al symbol building advanced foundryAl resource metal 6
Al icon weapon robot gatling Robot Gatling Icon manday 7Al symbol building drone assemblyAl symbol building advanced foundryAl resource metal 6
Al icon ammo gatling ammo stripGatling Ammo Strip Icon manday 1Al resource metal 3
Al icon ammo robot gatling ammoRobot Gatling Ammo Icon manday 1Al symbol building drone assemblyAl resource metal 3

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