Raw station table from gamedata.vfs/game/configs/strategic/entity/station.txt

This list should be regarded as game system implementation and used only for reference.

Id Name English Time Type Requirement
801 Excavations Excavation site 3 Excavation
800 Geosonde Geological probe 2.5 Geosonde
802 MilitaryMinor Radar base 4 Military T_MilitaryBase1
803 MilitaryMajor Rocket base 6 Military T_MilitaryBase2
810 MineChemicalsMinor Chemical mine 2.5 Mine
811 MineChemicalsMajor Advanced chemical mine 4 Mine T_AdvancedMining
814 MineCrystalMinor Crystal mine 4 Mine T_CrystalMining
815 MineCrystalMajor Advanced crystal mine 6 Mine T_AdvancedMining
806 MineFuelMinor Fuel mine 2.5 Mine
807 MineFuelMajor Advanced fuel mine 4 Mine T_AdvancedMining
808 MineMetalMinor Metal mine 2.5 Mine
809 MineMetalMajor Advanced metal mine 4 Mine T_AdvancedMining
812 MineNobleMinor Noble metal mine 4 Mine T_NobleMetalMining
813 MineNobleMajor Advanced noble metal mine 6 Mine T_AdvancedMining
799 NoneStation 0 None
804 TerraformMinor Terraforming station 4 Terraform T_BasicComplexTerraforming
805 TerraformMajor Advanced terraforming station 6 Terraform T_AdvancedComplexTerraforming

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