Raw and simplified building table from gamedata.vfs/game/configs/strategic/buildings/building.txt

This list should be regarded as game system implementation and used only for reference.

Id Name English Time Type Model Requirement
409 Alien Alien interrogation 40 addOn alien T_InterrogationFacility, Energy1, Metal2, Chemicals2
424 AlienPowerUpgrade Alien power plant 300 plant power_upg_02 T_AlienReactor, Crystals3, Metal6
419 Aqua Aqueduct ending 999 plant aqua.txt
410 Autopsy Pathology department 40 addOn autospy T_AlienBiology, Energy1, Metal1, Chemicals1
429 Bay-c Civil engineering 400 hangar bay-c
427 Bay-s Scientific bay 400 hangar bay-s
426 Bay-t Technical bay 400 hangar bay-t
437 BuildingOutsideSlot 0 slot podstavec_2
414 Chemics Chemical plant 60 addOn chemics T_EarthTechnologies1, Metal3, Chemicals4
420 CisternAquaUpgrade Giant water tank 70 plant aqua_upg01 T_WaterReserversEnlargement, Metal2
430 Communication Satellite 20 communication communication T_EarthCommunication, Metal1
407 Computer Supercomputer 100 addOn computer T_Supercomputers, Metal3, Noble1
436 Cupola Dome 450 cupola kopule_group T_BaseEnlargement, Metal3, Chemicals2
431 DataCommunication Data accessory 40 communication communication_upg EarthContact
421 DirectGainAquaUpgrade Water condensation 200 plant aqua_upg02 T_WaterFromSoil, Energy4, Chemicals5
441 Electronics Microelectronics 80 addOn electronics T_EarthTechnologies2, Metal3, Noble2
423 FossilePowerUpgrade Fossile power plant 120 plant power T_FossilEnergy, Metal3, Fuel4
403 Hospital Surgery 80 healCenter hospital T_AdvancedMedicine, Energy3, Noble1, Chemicals4
405 Lab Lab 200 laboratory lab Energy4, Metal2, Chemicals2
416 Living Residential sector 999 none living.txt
408 Magnetic Magnetron 80 addOn magnetic T_WrittenMartianLanguage, Energy5, Noble2, Crystals2
439 MarsSimulation Mars simulation 60 addOn mars simulation T_SurvivalTechnics, Energy1
440 Metalurgy Advanced foundry 70 addOn metalurgy T_EarthTechnologies1, Metal4, Noble1, Chemicals3
433 MonumentCentre Cryogenic monument 999 none monument-m-ufo.txt
397 MonumentEast Cryogenic monument 999 none monument-e.txt
434 MonumentNorth Cryogenic monument 999 none monument-n.txt
449 MonumentSouth Cryogenic monument 999 none monument-s.txt
398 MonumentWest Cryogenic monument 999 none monument-w.txt
399 NoneBuilding 0 none computer
415 Optics Optical engineering 60 addOn optics T_AdvancedOptics, Energy4, Crystals1
422 Power Solar power plant 999 plant power_upg_01.txt
438 Pyrotechnics Pyrotechnics range 70 addOn pyrotechnics T_CombatExplosives, Chemicals2
406 Range Shooting range 60 addOn range T_Firearms, Metal2
412 Robotics Drone assembly 60 addOn robotic T_BattleDrones, Metal2
442 StoreFuel Fuel store 150 store storage-fosil T_Warehouses, Metal2, Fuel4
444 StoreMedical Chemical store 150 store storage-chemicals T_Warehouses, Metal2, Chemicals4
443 StoreMetal Metal store 150 store storage-metal T_Warehouses, Metal4
413 Technics Precision engineering 60 addOn technic T_EarthTechnologies1, Metal3, Noble1
400 Training-m Tactical training 60 trainingCenter training-m T_MilitaryTraining, Metal1
401 Training-s University 60 trainingCenter training-s
402 Training-t Polytechnics 60 trainingCenter training-t
404 Ward Hospital Ward 30 healCenter ward Chemicals2
411 Workshop Workshop 200 workshop workshop Energy4, Metal3, Chemicals1
417 x 0 construction building site-10x10
418 xx 0 construction building site-20x20
435 xxxx 0 construction Building site-40x40

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