Technology Firearm Stabilization Game ID: 339, T_FirearmStabilization
Man-days 45 Category Icon tech earth Earth
Requirements Icon tech earthAdvanced Firearms
Icon tech earthAdvanced Earth Technologies
Description We could try to develop some accessories assisting soldiers with the aim of projectile weapons.
Result Technicians have now developed plans for producing several weapon accessories: a recoil compensator, gyrostabilizer, and accelerator. They enhance various firearm qualities, enabling our soldiers to use them more accurately and dealing more damage to our enemies. Each accessory has two variants - simple, but cheap, and advanced, but more expensive to manufacture.
Enables Al icon addon acceleratorAccelerator Icon manday 6Al resource noble metal 1
Al icon addon advanced acceleratorAdvanced Accelerator Icon manday 10Al resource noble metal 3
Al icon addon recoil compensatorRecoil Compensator Icon manday 6Al resource fuel 2Al resource metal 3Al resource chemical 2
Al icon addon advanced recoil compensatorAdvanced Recoil Compensator Icon manday 9Al resource fuel 4Al resource metal 5Al resource chemical 3
Al icon addon gyrostabilizerGyrostabilizer Icon manday 6Al resource metal 2
Al icon addon advanced gyrostabilizerAdvanced Gyrostabilizer Icon manday 12Al resource metal 5
Al icon addon robotic gyrostabilizerRobotic Gyrostabilizer Icon manday 6Al symbol building drone assemblyAl resource fuel 4Al resource metal 3Al resource chemical 3

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