Technology Expedition Soldier Interrogation Game ID: 265, T_ReticulanExpeditionSoldierInterrogation
Man-days 30 Category Icon tech interrogation Interrogation
Requirements Expedition Soldier Captive
Icon tech autopsyReticulan Autopsy
Al icon building alien interrogationAlien Interrogation
Description Reticulan Expedition soldiers could tell us something about the way they get control over our soldiers.
Result Reticulan expedition troops use a similar device to psionic weapons, but much more refined. They can enter the mind of any living being and persuade it to do as they command. This is the way our soldiers are forced to turn against their comrades. Nobody without psionic abilities can use the special device - mind controller - and stronger the psionic abilities of the user, the wider range the mind controller has and the more dangerous it is.
Enables Icon tech reticulanPsi Weapons (35)

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