Technology Expedition Commander Interrogation Game ID: 325, T_ReticulanExpeditionCommanderInterrogation
Man-days 25 Category Icon tech interrogation Interrogation
Requirements Expedition Commander Captive
Icon tech autopsyReticulan Autopsy
Al icon building alien interrogationAlien Interrogation
Description Someone high in the Reticulan hierarchy could clarify those events in our past, which are still cloaked in shadow.
Result Finally, we have a clearer idea of what destroyed our Earth. A group of Reticulans were taken over by an interstellar organism called Myrmecol - as a psionic race they were highly susceptible. They rebelled against the collective consciousness of their civilization and set out on a journey, looking for a planet where the Myrmecol could breed. They found Earth and used their advanced technologies to get rid of the only thing standing in their way - humans. Expedition arrived to learn what happened and punish the rebels.
Enables -

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