Technology Elements Of Martian Language Game ID: 288, T_MartianLanguageBasics
Man-days 45 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Requirements Icon tech martianMartian Archives
Any two of Al icon loot martian artifact ne106Martian Artifact NE106, Al icon loot martian artifact rp771Martian Artifact RP771, or Al icon loot martian artifact uw696Martian Artifact UW696
Description The first insights into the Martian archives give us some idea of how to advance in the study of their language.
Result We have gained some basic orientation in simple texts. We are able to read mostly theoretical scientific texts, where numbers and figures play a major part. To be able to learn more, we need a fast computer so we can perform a complete and thorough analysis of all available data.
Enables Al icon eventMartian Archive
Icon tech planetologyMartian Astronomical Model
Icon tech martianWritten Martian Language

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