Al icon pc edgar barker Edgar Barker, Male HumanGame ID: 18, Edgar Barker
Voice Cast: Michael Harbour
Character Name Edgar Barker Nick Edgar Class Technician
Title Storekeeper When Stressed
Relationship Friends Al icon weapon dan wesson 722-vh6 Dan Wesson 722-VH6
Families Al icon pc neil barkerNeil Barker
Starting Level Technician 4 Training -
Condition Al icon eventGame Start
Honorary Facility Barker's facility

History Edit

Edgar Barker is of Irish origin. He misses the pubs and the beer, although he has never experienced them himself. He prefers to work alone in the store and continuously reorganizes the shelves and items on them. On the positive side, if you ever need anything, you can be sure he will find it in a few seconds.

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