Technology EM Principles Game ID: 296, T_EMPrincipes
Man-days 79 Category Icon tech martian Martian
Icon tech martianWritten Martian Language Al icon building magnetronMagnetron
Description If we can simulate the Martians’ ability to manipulate an EM field, we may be able to create EM equipment and advance in terraformation process.
Result We have discovered the theoretical principles necessary to create devices that are able to manipulate an electromagnetic field at will. These will require some energy before they will happen, but we should be able to produce hand weapons, scanners and similar equipment after further research.
Al icon addon robot em negatorRobot EM Negator Icon manday 7Al symbol building drone assemblyAl symbol building precision engineeringAl resource crystal 4 Icon tech martianPlanetary Magnetic Field (88)
Icon tech martianEM Weapons Manufacture (106)
Icon tech martianCloaking (132)

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