Al icon pc diego ramirez Diego Ramirez, Male HumanGame ID: 3, Diego Ramirez
Character Name Diego Ramirez Nick Diego Class Soldier
Title When Stressed Strengthening
Relationship Friends Al icon pc samantha svenssonSamantha Svensson, Al icon pc oliver svenssonOliver Svensson
Families Al icon pc fernando ramirezFernando Ramirez
Starting Level Soldier 4 Training Al icon training minor heavy equipmentMinor Heavy Equipment
Condition Al icon eventGame Start
Honorary Fame New Argentina Dead Ramirez Memorial

History Edit

Diego is one of the strongest men in the colony. He did not inherit the intellect of his father, but in times of peace he has been a worthy worker. Now he can show his valor as a soldier. He is a very good friend both to Oliver and Samantha Svensson.

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